Norwood Road at Stevenage 2019

Its been a while since I updated this blog, unfortunately life and work has got in the way, but I now have time to update you on Norwood Road's latest exhibition adventure, the Chiltern Model Railway Association (CMRA) Exhibition at Stevenage As always seems the way with exhibitions for Norwood Road, the couple of weeks … Continue reading Norwood Road at Stevenage 2019

Modern Railway Signalling – An Update

As you might be aware, I'm writing a book which intends to help railway modellers in place and using colour light signals on their layout. I started the book back in August 2017 and although I didn't write as fast as I could have done, work and college put pay to that, and a bout … Continue reading Modern Railway Signalling – An Update

Planning Collingwood Part 4 – Signalling Scheme Plan

Now is the bit I find most exciting, the Signalling Design. Now that I have a track plan is fixed in terms of number tracks, turnouts etc. (for model signalling, it isn't critical whether the track plan changes in dimensions slightly), I can think about the signalling, luckily I can use Fareham's Signalling Plan to … Continue reading Planning Collingwood Part 4 – Signalling Scheme Plan

Norwood Road Re-Lock / Re-Control – Part 5

The History I’m currently in the middle of re-wiring and ‘re-controlling’ my exhibition layout Norwood Road after my previous wiring and control panel let me down at Peterborough and Wycrail. So far, I have the wiring on the layout and in my ‘REB’ or ‘Relocatable Equipment Box’ finished and tested, of sorts. The next on … Continue reading Norwood Road Re-Lock / Re-Control – Part 5